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Tipping semi-trailer
KS 900 in action

The Krampe tipping semi-trailer KS 900 is now used successfully in many companies. One characteristic has proven to be particularly advantageous in practice: The flexibility of this semi-trailer.

One of the first production vehicles of the new Krampe tipping semi-trailer KS 900 proves its resilience day after day at the Vahnstiege farm in Rosendahl, Germany: The tipping semi-trailer is fast on the road and flexible on the field. We were able to convince ourselves by accompanying the KS 900 at work for one day.

Besides the purely agricultural transport, the semi-trailer is also used for charging the two connected biogas plants. „Where we used to change vehicles before, we are able to work a lot with the one trailer today - with a tractor or with a truck", reports Reimund Voss, driver at the Vahnstiege farm. "Compared to a tractor and Dolly, 2 t more can be loaded when using a truck and another 2 t when using a lighter road truck. The KS 900 has a payload of 26 t on public roads; technically it amounts to 28 t."

The first ride leads to a terrain where rocks are being crushed. The produced gravel is loaded and then brought to a construction site in order to serve as the basis for a new road. Together with the all-wheel drive truck, the robust vehicle operates sovereignly on uneven ground. Even if loaded or not, the standard level control valve ensures optimum spring deflection in every condition and thus an enormous running smoothness. The automatic lowering system of the pneumatic suspension generates an excellent stability during tipping.

A high drive comfort is a matter of course with the air-suspended running gear and with a speed of up to 80 km/h; the truck-trailer unit gets along quite quickly. After a few rides with the gravel, we continue with the second work of the day.
The company's own biogas plants are regularly fed. The telescope loader is already waiting at the large corn silo. The hydraulically foldable silage extensions fold down - and off you go. Further daily tasks on the farm are planned during loading process.
After having charged the biogas pla

nts, the agricultural truck is needed in order to transport slurry. No problem, because after a short modification, the tipper trailer can continue to work with a tractor and Dolly axle. "The vehicle is as attractive for us as we can use both the tractor with a Dolly and the agricultural truck, depending on the distance and application", says Berthold Vahnstiege. "Furthermore, with its transport volume of just under 47 m³, the tipper can move a lot and impresses with its driving comfort and manoeuvrability, for example in narrow yard entrances."

The last ride on this day goes to a highly modern dairy farm in Laer. A silo with separated cow dung of 350 animals wants to be emptied. The nearly odourless solid materials are not only re-used as bedding but are also processed and fed for the biogas plant. "We travel lot with the KS 900. During the high season, we could even use a second one", says Vahnstiege.


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