Semi-remorques à tapis roulant deux essieux

Rollbandwagen SB II 20/1070

Rollbandwagen SB II 20/1070 Semi-remorques à tapis roulant deux essieux

Versatile trailer boosts your transport efficiency

The well-proven conveyor belt technology from Krampe has now been upgraded by another improving feature – an unloading blade that will take your transport efficiency to the next level.

Attached to the conveyor belt and running in floor mounted rails, the aluminium blade is secured against tipping and cares for a complete unloading of the semi trailer in less than 2 minutes. During each unloading cycle, extremely robust side scrapers on the blade and on a guide roll at the rear end effectively remove all material from the belt system and the aluminium construction. This makes the Bandit eligible for GMP certification.

The technology handles a wide range of materials including silage, fertiliser granules, woodchips and pellets as well as sticky goods such as soil, compost and sewage sludge, leaving basically no residues.
These advantages make this unloading technology a benchmark in terms of flexibility, dependability and viability.

Rollbandwagen SB II 20/1070:

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