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SKS 30/1050 Carrier



Gamme Carrier
SKS 30/1050 Carrier

The all-rounder for the efficient truck transport, the patented tipper semitrailer with sliding floor „SKS" = slide, tip, be safe!
The vehicles of the Carrier range have a firmly specified high-quality standard equipment. Technical changes may be carried out in a limited scope.

Chassis: Chassis as steel frame weldment made of high-quality fine-grained steels/ 2 in. kingpin, screwed underneath/ single-wheel plastic mudguard/ pneumatic running gear
Body: Aluminium trough with front tipping ram, sidewalls made of 30 mm aluminium hollow profiles/ portal doors divided 1/1/ robust upper flange with inside T-slot for mounting optionally a carrier wall/ massive 100 mm rock ball bearings Hydraulic tipper semitrailer: Oil requirement 107 litres, operating pressure max. 200 bar, only a pressure and a return line are necessary on the tractor unit
Sliding floor by Cargo Floor: Thousandfold proven multifunctional load and unloading system, bottom boards made of aluminium with a batten thickness of 6 mm
Hydraulic sliding floor: A volume flow of approx. 80 litres/min as well as a hydraulic pressure of 250 bar are necessary in order to unload 30 t
Operating principle: Tipper body as rear tipper with integrated sliding floor. The combination of sliding floor and tipper semitrailer enables either the use as horizontal unloader (by means of the sliding floor) as well as usual rear tipper depending on the case of need and good. This results in many advantages, e.g. on uneven surfaces, the load can first be moved a bit backwards by means of the sliding floor and then the tipping process can be started. Through the "breaking", the load slides better by being tipped. Furthermore, the stability is significantly increased as the body no longer has to be lifted so far. The centre of gravity of the semitrailer remains closer to the ground. In case of semitrailers, tractor units are often raised or at least strongly relieved during unloading of sticky goods and especially during the abrupt slipping at the end of the tipping process. Tractor units without an all-wheel drive have often the problem of not being longer able to move forwards. It is not the case with the SKS: After having lowered the tipping body, the semitrailer moves away from the bunch through the sliding floor and the residual material in contrast to other tippers which are non-manoeuvrable due to a high negative tongue load.
Other: 80 km/h homologation with individual approval/ EBS system/ pneumatic running gear with lifting-lowering valve/ LED lighting system, yellow side marker lamps, rear position lights/ underride guard/ body is being painted with a 2-component paint in Krampe-red (similar to RAL 3002) satin-finish, the chassis is painted in grey


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