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A giant in the woods - the Krampe hook lift trailer THL 25 with an onboard-crane

It is the biggest hook lift-onboard-crane combination ever built by Krampe. During a visit of the Löffeld yard in Lienen, we were able to see what the Krampe hooklift trailer THL 25 L is capable of under tough forestry conditions.

Already the farmhouse let us be astonished. Door frames decorated with sandstones, many new machines in rank and file, clearly layered stacks of wood and a mountain of wood chips as high as the "Zugspitze", well almost. It had just rained and everything shines and reflects in many big puddles.

We park in the yard. While opening the car doors, we already hear a bass sound and at the same moment, we see a Xerion 5000 going around the corner with the large Krampe Tridem THL 25 L hooklift trailer with a Fassi onboard-crane - an impressive team. The driver gets off the tractor and welcomes us on the Löffeld yard in Lienen. They also work in agriculture, but focus on forestry business.

In a piece of forest approximately 4 kilometres from the yard, there are tree trunks that are to be picked up and processed today. We arrive in the right moment. We line up and drive directly to the work place.
Krampe Tridem hooklift trailers are equipped as standard with two steering axles and an air-suspended running gear. This guarantees safe steering and high drive comfort even on rough terrains. Arriving at the forest track, the team is parked in such a way that a car still passes by. Despite its dimensions, manoeuvring with the vehicle is no problem here.
Shortly after, the driver operates the crane. First, the driver positions the stabilisers, then the wireless remote control is used and the crane starts moving. Everything runs very routinely. The driver and the vehicle are a well-coordinated team. The crane unfolds to its full size and heads for the tree trunks lying along the at path. It grasps up to 7 coniferous trunks in one time and heaves them into the container.

Depending on the position of the wood and weather conditions, the driver can operate the crane by means of the wireless remote control standing beside the machine, from the tractor seat or from the seat directly on the crane by actuating the appropriate levers.

In next to no time, the first trunk load is loaded and then it goes back to the yard to the unloading place. Here the tree trunks are tipped before being later processed into firewood.

As an order for wood chips has just come in, which is on the way, the empty container is quickly exchanged for a one filled with wood chips. The plant has several identical containers. This creates flexibility. "The hook lift trailer together with the crane is not only incredibly useful and saves a loading vehicle and manpower; thanks to the interchangeable systems, the trailer is also extremely flexible and cost-effective", explains Hermann Löffeld, Manager of the plant.
"By means of the THL 25 L, we are able to lift and tip up to 25 t and this with a technical payload of around 26 t. A real workhorse", adds Ulrich Brünemann-Kämper, who coordinates the operations.

Thereafter, the Xerion together with the hook lift trailer makes its way back to the customer and then into the forest.
We were able to convince ourselves of the performance of the vehicle, the satisfied owner and have some pictures taken.

With firewood in the boot for our Krampe fire tonne, we leave the Löffeld yard happily.


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