Semi-remorques porte-caissons deux essieux

SHL 20

SHL 20 Semi-remorques porte-caissons deux essieux

SHL 20 hook-lift semi trailer

Renowned for their superior quality, Krampe tippers enjoy an excellent reputation. Far from being manufacturers of miscellaneous machinery, we have specialised in building single-axle, tandem and tridem axle trailers. For many years, we have been the uncontested leader in the agricultural body tipper, halfpipe and hook-lift trailer market in Germany.

As manufacturers of hook-lift tandem trailers since 1995 we have gained great experience in this sector and have recently expanded into the construction and landscaping industries, where our truck pulled trailers meet motorway specifications.

Roll-off semi trailers were added to our product range in 2006 as an ideal complement. Far from being a mass production company, KRAMPE has successfully explored niche products and developed them systematically to bring them to series production level. Offering a wide range of standard and optional specifications, we are able to customise every standard trailer to your special needs. 

A hook-lift semi trailer suits a wide range of applications. SHL 20 is a two-axle semi trailer, which is typically drawn by a triple-axle truck.

Swapping containers fast and eliminating the need of reloading on to the trailer, the semi trailer really comes into its own in short-distance haulage applications and offers particular benefits in confined areas.

Providing a 2-tonne higher payload than a multiple-trailer combination truck, a semi trailer is the ideal machine for hauls of high-specific weight material (e.g. scrap metal). The same applies to crusher transportation, where thanks to its high payload and low roller-height, SHL 20 outperforms a four-axle hook-lift truck.

A hook-lift semi trailer boosts the flexibility of your machine fleet, because the truck may be used with other types of semi trailers as well.

SHL 20 is a tireless workhorse and serving within appropriate applications it will always deliver.

Overview of benefits

- Higher payload than a multiple-trailer combination
- Extremely agile, easy manoeuvring
- Low roller-height suits crusher haulages
- The rollers do not rest on the ground but on the rear axle, a well-proven system. As a result, the expansion bellows deflate as the container is mounted and the chassis comes to rest on the rear axle. As the container is mounted at a shallower angle, the rams are in a better position to provide more effective mounting.
- Lift powers of more than 30 tonnes are feasible (e.g. by optional 30-t hook-lift systems)
- Large choice of available container lengths, including foldable push-arm
- Wide range of optional specifications

SHL 20:

Données techniques: SHL 20

*1 Eigengewicht und die Nutzlast hängen von der jeweiligen Ausrüstung ab.
*6 Bei längeren Behältern ist ggf. ein ausziehbarer Unterfahrschutz notwendig. Beratung erforderlich.
*7 Rollenhöhe bei Standard-Sattelhöhe von 1,15 m.

Dimensions: SHL 20

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